SinglePoint Logo


The operating brand for AGC’s aircraft finance & leasing companies, which include ALG, SMSG, TESG, and AeroLend. Together, the companies work to provide creative financing solutions for older, customized, special mission, and government use aircraft.

  • Status: Current
  • Fund: spv1
ALG Logo

Aircraft Logistics Group

Focused on providing specialty financing solutions for modified aircraft and aero-derivative assets that are otherwise difficult to finance with traditional lending partners.

  • Status: Bolt-on
  • Fund: spv1
Special Mission Support Group Logo

Special Mission Support Group

Provides funding for special mission and government use fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

  • Status: Bolt-On
  • Fund: spv1


Provides aircraft finance and leasing to the general aviation and air charter markets.

  • Status: Bolt-on
  • Fund: spv1
Aero Lend Logo


Provides aircraft finance and leasing brokerage services to the general aviation and air cargo markets.

  • Status: Consolidated
  • Fund: spv1