The Drone Strike Threat is Real | The US and Allied Nations Need to Immediately Address This Persistent, Growing Threat

September 14, 2019 3:30pm

OKLAHOMA CITY--In light of the drone attack on precious oil resources in Saudi Arabia, Black Sage Technologies (Black Sage), the market leader in the development, integration and deployment of counter-unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS) solutions, offers their support and expertise to governments and commercial entities looking to protect critical infrastructure, human life and economic vitality.

“Our hearts and thoughts are with Saudi Arabia, ARAMCO and its employees today,” said Rick Schmidt, President of Black Sage. “This latest drone strike is just one example of how persistent the drone threat is as we see it impact the global economy and all consumers of oil and gas. We need to take action today in the US to ensure a similar strike does not impact our national interests.”

“This latest strike in Saudi Arabia is yet another example of this persistent threat to critical infrastructure and ultimately the security and safety of all,” said Dave Romero, co-founder of Black Sage. “The United States and its allies need to immediately address this threat. The reality is there are on average seven sightings per day in the US near commercial and consumer aircraft in flight – we have been fortunate that no commercial aircraft have been impacted, yet. We have already seen the Taliban use drones as a weapon of war in Afghanistan. Our industry insight and intel tell us that countries are developing drone swarms as a weapon and we need to guard against it. The technology and know-how are available. How many more attacks have to occur to take action and mitigate this threat?”

As a leading C-UAS solution provider, Black Sage identifies, classifies, tracks and defeats UAS threats for military, government, law enforcement and civil applications. Black Sage has proven experience securing critical power and government infrastructure globally, including in the Middle East region. Black Sage employs a hardware-agnostic approach, integrating best-of-breed sensors with its proprietary target classification, video target tracking and defense automation, providing adaptable, end-to-end C-UAS solutions to address a wide range of missions.

Black Sage’s UASX-branded C-UAS systems have been successfully deployed in support of fixed-site security, critical infrastructure protection and commercial event airspace monitoring. Black Sage’s customers include U.S. Government Agencies, the Department of Defense, U.S. Aerospace & Defense prime contractors and allied military and government customers in Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

About Black Sage

Black Sage is a fast-moving defense technology integrator specialized in autonomous airspace protection solutions to take down small remote piloted aircraft systems. With an ensemble of sensors, effectors and machine intelligence tools, Black Sage answers some of the most challenging counter-UAS mission requirements in critical infrastructure, internal security, and civil defense. Black Sage is dedicated to maintaining safety and security.\

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