Chris Caron

Chris Caron focuses his practice on federal funding opportunities.

Prior to joining Steptoe, Chris was the deputy chief of staff and an appropriations associate at the Office of Congressman Tom Cole (R-OK). He managed the day to day operations and staff of member’s legislative shop as deputy of staff, as well as conducted and managed member’s appropriations work as associate staff to the House Appropriations Committee. Chris also served in a variety of other roles during his time at Congressman Tom Cole’s office, including Republican leadership liaison for NRCC chairman, legislative director/military legislative assistant, Rules Committee associate, and budget committee associate. He also worked for Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis, Congresswoman Helen Chenowerth-Hage, Congressman Tom Latham, Congressman Joe Pitts, and he interned for former House Majority Leader Congressman Dick Armey.

During his time on Capitol Hill, Chris specialized in defense policy, international security issues, homeland security, and foreign policy. His wide-ranging background has also provided him with in depth knowledge of government agencies across the political spectrum.

Chris also worked for the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, served in the United States Army, the Republican National Committee, and the Heritage Foundation.