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Acorn Growth Companies operates with a relentless drive to achieve superior long-term returns for our investors. We invest in unique aerospace, defense, intelligence, and space technology companies that strive to keep our nation safe and enable global mobilization. Once an investment is made, we honor our commitment and do not rest until the company realizes its full potential.



We are disciplined. Whatever we propose and agree to, we will execute. We practice self and peer accountability and develop expertise along with credibility from performance, not talk.


In all circumstances, we operate with the highest standards of sincerity and maintain highly professional adherence in taking right and fair actions.


We define success in the eyes of our investors and are persistent in our efforts to achieve superior, long-term returns. We are decisive. If we fail, we learn, redirect, and do not repeat.


We solve problems by operating with a balance of analytical precision, practical experience, and common-sense judgment.


We are grateful for the opportunity to work as a team and privileged to be part of a broader mission. We believe in continuous learning, improvement, and development. We focus our energy on moving our company, our investments, and our people forward.