Acorn Growth Companies was founded to provide an alternative to the traditional private equity firm interested solely in opportunistic transactions and exit strategies. From the beginning, the firm has maintained its core focus of achieving superior long-term returns for its investors by investing exclusively in aerospace and defense companies that strive to keep our nation safe and enable global mobilization. The firm’s operational and collaborative philosophy founded in a relentless drive to create organic value and meet collective objectives with the companies they work with has enabled it to become the firm of choice amongst the aerospace and defense industry.


Our investment professionals move rapidly to assess and act upon opportunities and synergies. Our process is a comprehensive exercise focused on efficiency. The structure we have in place ensures that no time or effort is wasted throughout the due diligence, analysis, or legal preparation procedures. We realize that the real work begins after the transaction is completed. We are dedicated to preserving the legacy that the founders of each company have established, while building on that vision immediately to ensure the business is taken to the next stage in its growth and development.


Our primary objective is to unlock the value that exists in all companies, of all sizes, and create an independent, entrepreneurial environment in which management can work every day to ensure products and services are delivered timely, with the highest standards of quality, a deep sense of pride and with the trust that we are standing behind them.


We care about and demonstrate our commitment to our workforce and customers, and let the bottom line take care of itself. We are committed to honoring the contractual obligations of the companies we acquire. On time delivery, quality, consistency and reliability are cornerstones of building better customer relationships and driving growth. Having a partner that knows how to engage with experience is critical to ensuring all the stakeholders share in the potential value we are positioned to unleash.


Our executive team has extensive aerospace, defense, manufacturing, operations, financing and business development knowledge that has been developed over decades of experience. The team has a diverse background ranging from start-up ventures to Fortune 100 companies, high tech R&D organizations to manufacturing and service businesses. We maintain an extensive network of suppliers, bench talent, potential new customers, financing partners and investment bankers that we coordinate with the single goal of increasing value over time.


We are passionate about the aerospace and defense industry, passionate about identifying the right fit and passionate about the success of our companies. 


We are committed to providing the best products and services in support of our military and its partners around the globe – a commitment that is shared by every employee in our family of companies. Whether our employees are delivering aircraft to airmen fighting the global war on terror, providing critical services to ensure our aging fleets remain at a high state of readiness or improving components used by soldiers in theaters of war, we maintain a relentless focus on service to the United States of America and its allies. 


Our ideal prospect consists of a product and service mix that is vital to its customers’ operations.  We pursue companies that strategically align with the core competencies of our existing portfolio, have an employee base with a determined work ethic and uphold a customer-focused culture.  Our companies, marshaled together, strengthen the offering to each customer by providing valuable reach-back capabilities to each business within the portfolio. We continue to build a collection of companies in which the sum of the portfolio is greater than the individual businesses.


Our ability to make strategic and opportunistic acquisitions represents only half our strength. A keen sense of operational know-how enables us to collaborate with management to develop growth strategies for each of our companies. This, in tandem with our ability to develop arrangements that work for all parties, allows us to approach each opportunity with a clear plan, outlining ways to unlock the under-utilized pieces of a company as we bolster the business and manage toward the future.