Investing Exclusively in Aerospace, Defense and Intelligence

Since 2005, Acorn has been in the top quartile of performance for global private equity firms across its four current funds. Today, the firm operates a portfolio of aerospace, defense and intelligence companies representing a diverse blend of manufacturing, services, technology, and products and continues to seek new investments.



We realize the real work begins after the transaction is complete and are dedicated to honoring the vision of each company’s founder by immediately building on that vision to ensure the business is taken to the next stage of growth.

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Our executive team has decades of experience in aerospace, defense, intelligence, operations, finance and business development and diverse backgrounds, from start-up ventures and Fortune 100s to high-tech R&D organizations.



We are passionate about the aerospace, defense and intelligence industry, passionate about identifying the right fit and passionate about the success of our companies, their customers and our investors.

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We are committed to providing the best products and services in support of our warfighters, the US military and its partners around the globe – a commitment that is shared by every employee in our family of companies.

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Acorn Growth Companies Acquires Robbins-Gioia

  • 8/5/19
  • Acorn Growth Companies, a private equity firm investing exclusively in aerospace, defense and intelligence, announced today the investment and controlling interest in Robbins-Gioia, a market leader in providing unique systems modernization and enterprise solutions focused on enhancing capabilities and improving performance and readiness for the federal government and industry.

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Our operating companies are customer-centric. Our talented teams are relentless in their pursuit to drive success for both customers and investors. We continue to build a collection of companies in which the sum of the portfolio is greater than the individual businesses; it’s how we bring greater value to employees, customers and investors.

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Investment Focus

Acorn invests exclusively in aerospace, defense and intelligence companies that strive to keep our nation safe and enable global mobilization.