• Welcome

    Acorn Growth Companies, based in Oklahoma City, is a private equity firm focused exclusively on aerospace and defense opportunities. The firm’s operationally centric approach has resulted in significant value creation among its portfolio companies.

    After closing its first fund in 2005, Acorn has outpaced the market and grown its holdings and portfolio companies substantially. Today, the firm has over $200 million under management and operating companies across the United States and with operations worldwide—all under its primary banner, AGC Aerospace & Defense.

  • Progressive

    Our ability to acquire companies represents only half our strength. Without a keen sense of operational know-how, the growth strategies for each representative company would not be realized. This talent, in tandem with our ability to develop an arrangement that works for all parties, allows us to approach each opportunity with a clear plan outlining how we intend to unlock the under-utilized pieces of a company as we bolster the business and manage towards the future.

    We understand that when compelling business objectives are executed properly the results take care of themselves. Execution is predicated on having good people, a clear vision, an environment that fosters decision-making and clear paths of communication.

  • Purposeful

    Our team of investment professionals moves rapidly to assess opportunities and synergies and acts accordingly. Each stage of the process is a comprehensive exercise aimed at the objective of deciding how to take the next step- rapidly.
    From the time we reach agreement on the transaction’s value and structure, through due diligence, analysis, and legal preparation, you will feel confident that we are not wasting any time or effort to ensure all the objectives are realized.
    We know that after the transaction is completed the real work begins. We are dedicated to preserving the legacy the founders of each company established, while building on that vision immediately to ensure the business is taken to the next stage in its
    growth and development.

  • Potential

    Our primary objective is to unlock the value that exists in all companies, of all sizes, and create an independent, entrepreneurial environment where the business experts can work every day to ensure products and services are delivered timely, with the highest standards of quality, a deep sense of pride and with the trust that we are standing behind them. Our companies and employees utilize us as a resource that provides real support – not merely burdened overhead. Whether that means an infusion of management expertise, capital, or assistance with respect to ensuring consistent performance, we will maintain the incentive to pursue each objective with passion and enthusiasm.

  • Personal

    We are different in the way we care about and demonstrate our commitment to our workforce and our customers – not just the bottom line. We understand the need to energize the workforce immediately – a critical step that most strategic and financial buyers fail to execute well. We are interested in the well being of our employees and their families – and yours.

    We understand that in highly cyclical industries like aerospace and defense the turbulence can sometimes get rough. We are committed to managing through those bumps alongside the workforce. Having a partner that knows how to navigate in difficult conditions is critical to ensuring strong futures for everyone on board.

  • Passionate

    We are passionate about the aerospace and defense industry, passionate about identifying the right fit and passionate about success. We pursue companies to join our portfolio that strategically align with the core competencies of the group, those that have an employee base with a determined work ethic and companies that uphold a customer-focused culture.

  • Professional

    Our executive team has extensive aerospace, defense, manufacturing, operations, process, financing and business development knowledge that has been developed over decades of experience. The team has a diverse background ranging from start-up ventures to Fortune 100 companies, high tech R&D organizations to manufacturing and service businesses.

  • Patriotic

    We are committed to freedom and the national defense of America and its allies. Whether our employees are delivering aircraft to airmen fighting the global war on terror, providing critical services to ensure our aging fleets remain at a high state of readiness, or improving components used by soldiers in theater, we maintain a relentless focus on service to country. We are committed to providing the best products and services in support of our military and its partners around the globe – a commitment that is shared by every employee in our family of companies.

  • Portfolio

    Our model prospect consists of a product and service mix that is vital to its customers’ operations. Experienced, dedicated management; knowledgeable, loyal employees; sound business processes; strong reputations; high ethical standards; and stable long-term client relationships are essential ingredients of the companies we seek for acquisition. Our companies, marshaled together, strengthen the offering to each customer by providing valuable reach-back capabilities to each business within the portfolio. We continue to build a collection of companies in which the sum of the portfolio is greater than the individual businesses.

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